Real cost of war

Rome Clinic provides vital health services to veterans

Meet Your Doctor: James S. Ward

James Singleton Ward wears two hats as an attending physician in family medicine/geriatrics and as the medical director of Valley Health Services in Herkimer, a division of Bassett Healthcare Network. He has enjoyed a diversified practice, spanning more than 40 years as a physician and medical school instructor both in the U.S. Navy and in civilian life. He recently spoke with In Good Health senior writer Patricia J. Malin about his distinguished career.

Warm up to fitness

Winter weather shouldn’t put a damper on exercise efforts

Lurking danger

January: National Radon Action Month

And the beat goes on

Masonic Medical Research Lab on cutting edge of heart research

  Women’s Health  

Magic of makeup

Here are some makeup tips that nobody ever told you about

The Pill remains most common birth control method

But long-acting IUDs are gaining in popularity, experts note

Glycemic index

GI ranks foods according to their impact on blood sugar levels

Nice girls do finish last

Why ‘not nice’ is best

  Health & Nutrition  

January’s healthy food choice: eggplant

Like its cousin the tomato, eggplant is actually a fruit, not a vegetable.

Sensational salads!

Salads at lunch pack healthy punch 

The Yogurt Craze

A new ‘culture’ of healthy food choices is taking place

What makes romaine so remarkable 

Crunchy like iceberg, but much more nutritious because of its darker green color, romaine delivers the goods: it’s tasty, it’s super low in calories, and it’s loaded with nutrients.

Empower yourself!

New book out on healthy food choices 

Spotlight on Nonprofits

The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties

Not just granting funds, but investing in the area’s future

Business Spotlight

Inertia Wellness Center

Inertia Wellness Center in Utica provides rehabilitation care that is uniquely tailored to each individual, whether it’s a child with disabilities, a worker recovering from an injury or accident, or support for older adults experiencing physical and cognitive changes.