Walking in Winter

Organizations unveil newly designated walking paths to encourage residents to move more

U.S. Heart Disease Rates Fell 20 Percent Since 1980s

Researchers chalk it up to better meds, prevention efforts

Texting Can Be a Real Pain

Pain in the hand and neck might be associated with excessive texting, say experts

GMO Labeling

Law to allow labeling GMO food doesn’t please critics or supporters

Fewer Parents Are Spanking Their Kids

More are relying on timeouts to discipline children, study shows


The skinny on healthy eating

Get Ready for Flu Season

Flumist inhaled flu vaccine is out this year, but there are other types, especially for seniors, expected to be more effective

Sour on Sweets

Pediatrician uses personal experience to help patients look at sugar differently

When You Come to the Edge

In Good Health columnist, writer inks book on how to deal with growing old

What Role Does Boredom Play in Depression Among Seniors?

Meet Your Provider

Since 1977, the trusted team for colon care in Rochester. Practice was the first to perform the robotic colon surgery in the region

Savvy Senior

Thyroid Disorders Often Missed in Seniors

Dealing with Trauma, Grief in Schools

Group works with 100 school officials on how to aid students and faculty in the event of a major trauma or crisis

Declutter Your Life

Discarding unneeded items means more organized, sane lifestyle